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        Henan red Oriental chemical industry co., LTD. Was founded2003Years,Is located in known as“In China”Of henan province。In the company2015Years7In small and medium-sized enterprise stock transfer system in the country(The new three board)Listed,证券简称:Oriental chemical industry,The stock code:832940。The company has passedISO9001The international quality management system certification、ISO14001Environmental management system certification、OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification、Countries“High and new technology enterprise”Certification。Awarded the quality good faith system constructionAAnd other industrial enterprises、Advanced units of production safety, and environmental behavior credit green enterprise。
        The company is committed to“Security、Efficient、Low toxicity、Low residue”的...[For details]

Address:China.Henan xuchang fine chemical industry park
Zip code:461100
The mailbox:info@ziliuping.net.cn
Administration department
The phone:0374-5699568Fax:0374-5699566
The sales department
The phone:0374-5699599Fax:0374-5699618
The ministry of foreign trade
The phone:021-56560129Fax:021-56560006-8005
A mobile phone:13598999989 The mailbox:sales@ziliuping.net.cn

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